A student is a learner, or someone who attends an educational institution. An entrepreneur is one who has the ability to evaluate business opportunities; to gather the necessary resources to take advantage of them; to initiate appropriate action to ensure success. Students share similar characteristics as entrepreneurs in self-confidence, task-result-oriented, risk-taking, leadership, originality and future-oriented qualities. All these combine to make an excellent student as well as a successful entrepreneur. With the escalating global population and unlimited human needs – economic, health, infrastructural etc. – the need for resourceful individuals with capable skills and innovative ideas is more imperative than ever before. Students can be important fillers in the leaking and rapidly depleting reservoir of entrepreneurs in the larger society with the educational system being a significant grooming ground for this development. Hence the need for studenpreneurs.


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
― Confucius


If man can chew and swallow, then students can work and study. Yes! Every minute of life offers countless opportunities that can be utilized pare peso. Classroom hours, information gathered, contacts made, exposure gained and personal abilities can be garnered into productive fruits. In pre-historic times, life responsibilities starts from a young age in the African culture.  One doesn’t have to spend 4-7 years of one’s life in an academia before he/she can add value to the society to which he/she belongs. It takes bringing the real life to bare as early as possible for successful living.

Self-discovery, ability to grab opportunities, time management and constructive networking are what to it takes to helping a student actualize effective entrepreneurship. Enterprising provides added value to one’s study, by providing real-life insights and examples that can help better understand your studies. Even when such work and studies are completely disparate, work still provides one with the skills of prioritizing, managing, balancing tasks, time-management, dealing with people and cpuntless more benefits.

In addition, one can have his/her own livelihood without even getting a white paper; a job can help feel a sense of independence, dignity and worth, because you don’t have to rely on others. Moreover a job could increase your self-esteem and develop your multi-tasking and organizational skills and have a positive impact on your future career. Indeed, if practical experience is gained more working opportunities and ideas for novel business start-ups can be acquired.