America is a land of dreams. Every year a good number of Nigerian youths travel to America in search of greener pastures and better opportunities. Recession, unemployment, poor work remuneration, insecurity, job dissatisfaction and limited innovation and creativity in most Nigerian work places, drive Nigerians into America in search of a better work environment.
Unfortunately a considerable amount fail to prepare adequately for such journey. In a moment of passion and frustration, they pack up and emigrate only to meet unexpected challenges. Such challenges can be burdensome enough to make one take desperate actions like forgery, theft, robbery. It’s no wonder Nigerians end up in prisons or deported back to Nigeria.
VelvetJobs – The Job Search, Outplacement and Resume Builder is one of the fastest growing career matchmakers. It was launched in 2014 by Pavel Krapivin, a graduate of Harvard Business School and MIT, and a former Vice President of Warner Bros. By offering recruitment services from leading companies in America, VelvetJobs is applauded in Forbes for helping over 13 million people with their careers.
VelvetJobs offer priceless services that greatly reduce the stress and perplexities of job hunting. A few of such services include:
1. Curated Job Matching: they offer over one million job searches from the most lucrative industries and leading companies.
2. Personalised Resumes: they offer many resume samples, design crafted by award winning designers. To give you resume the polished shine it deserves, they also offer the services of experts to help you write impressive resumes.
3.Matching and Alerts: they match clients with the best possible job positions and keep them informed of new positions.
4. Resume Builder: A really intuitive resume builder that is easy to use to make your own resume. Easily move around bullet points and find new ideas for work experience.
5. Career Coaching: this is an indispensable service. Most people work in places that are not suited for their skills, personality or abilities. This leads to job dissatisfaction, poor stress management, psychological imbalance and even suicide. VelvetJobs go the extra mile in offering career advice, counselling and coaching.
6. Featured Articles: their articles are informative and very practical with tools, insights, guidelines and advice to help you find and keep your dream job. Some of their resourceful articles include: 5 Things to Leave off Your Resume, Common Resume Mistakes and The Fashionista’s Guide to Looking Good and Professional.
America is a land of dreams. But to turn those wonderful dreams into reality, you need organisation and adequate preparation. VelvetJobs offer just that and much more. Go to and get started on any of their premium services. Your success is only a click away. Good luck!

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