It’s too Quiet here , lets #BreakTheSilence

If there is anything I know is Boris can’t be shut …

Monday 19th September, 2016 will go down in the history of the university of port Harcourt as historic. The medical student association schedules to hold the 1st University-wide open air/ street debate on public health tagged #BreakTheSilence. This debate is set to stimulate critical thinking amongst medical students and provide a platform where rational thoughts are analysed side by side with conflicting views and opinions. It aims to bring awareness to current public health issues with a focus on the reproductive and sexual health of young persons. This is quite important owing to the recent statistics by the National Action Coalition Against AIDS (NACA) that 15.2% prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Rivers State and that less than one-fourth of the student population have knowledge about HIV/AIDs.
This event is open to the public. There’d be a mini outreach during the event where free condoms will be distributed and ready counselling stations would be provided. This is a contribution of the student body in counting to Zero new HIV/AIDs cases. Poetry rendition would be provided by the foremost poetry group Word Phantomz . Participants who would want to join the debate club or have a 2-minute session to speak on the debate motion would be accommodated.
This event is put together with support by ChoiceHub Foundation and the university of Port Harcourt debate chambers. The event will hold at the Abuja central car park, university park, university of port Harcourt starting 3:59PM, 19th September 2016.

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