How to take care of your Belly Button ( Navel)

Scientist discovered that humans live with at least thirty (30) different types of Bacteria in their navel, whereas some persons have more that Hundred (100) bacteria especially those who rarely or solemnly take their bath have up to a thousand (1000), funny enough some of those Bacteria in your navel are new to science and have not been discovered.

Your navel is one of the important part of the body that needs to be washed very often and cautiously.

Those who live in very cold or very hot place are prone to have more bacteria than those who live in other places.


Steps to take good care of the navel

1) You will need a few cotton swabs,water or baby oil or Hydrogen peroxide

2) Dip the cotton swab into a cleaning solution you want to use and apply on your belly button.

3) Discard old cotton swab and repeat the process if your navel is really dirty.

4) Make sure you dry your navel carefully after you take your shower.

Always keep your navel clean to prevent dirt and awful smell

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