Fashion of The Day: Lets check her out!!!

hmmmmmmm, a Student appeared in school on a Monday with this outfit, lets check it out

Skirt: NO NO, who wears this again?

Jacket: OOooops

Shoes: Sneakers, Girl you need to step up your game…

what do you have to say about this, lets get you response and thoughts on this pictures?








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  • ivie says:

    We need a seminar on fashion,on what to wear on each day of the week…..n striking on decency as our culture.using me for instance….i wear co-operate on a monday to wednesday,casual co-operate as i call it on a thursday..n simple native on a friday….at such we will promote decency……because as the saying goes “the way u r dressed is the way u r adressed” Nigerian student av to understand this…discussion closed

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