The Scientist, The Atheist, The Philosopher.

The Scientist in this context constitutes of the mathematicians, physicists, physicians, elite, chemists, and all experimenters. The Philosopher is someone who contemplates on any essence, thing, process for some reasons. The Atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in God or gods, might include any other non-physical beings too. It is a common conception that Scientists and Philosophers do not believe in higher existences. Effects and Beliefs in these existences are dismissed as wrong, biased, weakness, or illiteracy.
Religion is a means of worship or reference to the higher existences. You might induce that atheists are not religious, but no, because not believing in God (or gods) does not mean not believing in any other thing like Karma, Angels, Demons; but Religion has to do with God(or gods) else it is just reference to some beliefs or ‘superstition’.
We can group people based on some system : Some claim to be religious, and so believe in its superstitions and rituals and beliefs. While some might be religious, but do not believe in the superstitions, beliefs, or ritual. Very few believe in superstitions but do not have a religion. Fewer don’t believe or follow any superstition or religion. Most common answer as to ‘Why do these last set of people exist?’ is that ‘They believe in reason’. A lot of Elite have been accused of this. They place REASON over everything. MIND OVER MATTER; if the mind is not there, existence does not seem to be worth anything. Shockingly, many elite ones believe in forces above our comprehension but might not show it. Why?
To study a complicated,simple course in school usually termed ‘science course’, we already believe it is for the smart ones, those who can think book-wise, or computer-wise, or those with love for it. We believe it has to do with a lot reasoning. We are also told indirectly that everything can be understood through science. But we meet some ‘shockers’ on further progression into studies that science doesn’t understand a lot of things, and might not help but to confuse us the more. Being rational makes us different from other animals so we rely on it even in religion. The course of science to understand religion has never met any breakthrough. Instead yields bloody or deadly results, because the two seem to be on opposite paths.
The difference might be clear that one seems rational, and the other is incomprehensible, they are intertwined. They work hand in hand. That is the irony. Be rational while studying with science, but believe that science cannot explain everything,yet. When science is able to explain and make things clearer to a certain degree, it will give birth to a new religion. A marriage of reason and hidden knowledge, which we are pursuing through two almost separate paths that leads to the same place. The same place is SALVATION OF MAN in all areas.
So a scientist ,or philosopher who proclaims to an atheist might be on a path to salvation too, but is ignorant of some things that religion and superstition knows.

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