WhatsApp beta introduces new font formatting

The latest WhatsApp beta is out, and a few useful new features has been spotted.
Most fun for the devs out there, you cannow  separate lines of code or quotes from the rest of your conversations by surrounding a phrase with ` ` ` (those are
back quotes/grave accents, not regular
The feature works on Android, iOS and
the Web. If you’re doing it right, you’ll
see a preview of the FixedSys font show
up in your typing box (the preview
doesn’t show up on the Web for some

FixedSys joins the other font formatting
options (bold, italics, and strikethrough )
added in March.
Otherwise, WhatsApp is making it easier
to leave a voicemail. Instead of giving you
the option in your chat window,
WhatsApp now have a ‘record a voice
message’ button when someone doesn’t pick up.
Finally, WhatsApp has added an alert if it’s taking a while for you to download a
text message. That happens rarely given
it’s usually just downloading text, but it’s
useful if you’re in an area with poor
The feature is rolling out to the Play Store if you’re signed up for the WhatsApp
beta, if not you have to wait or get the elsewhere.

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