N10m Students’ Scholarship


Destiny Lottery Limited (DLL) is giving out N10 Million to 35 people!!!.

So why should I believe that Destiny Lottery Limited can deliver on their promises? – Besides the fact that we are legally authorized (approved by National Lottery Regulatory Commission) and therefore must be financially ready to deliver on our promises. For us at Destiny Lottery Limited, we see beyond the promise of winning money. It’s a vision of the firm to empower Nigerians, especially the Nigerian youth. We aim to make a difference in the life of the average Nigerian (OUR MISSION)

THE Student Scholarship Empowerment Promo (SSEP) is on. So take advantage of this huge opportunity and buy a ticket for a N100. YES just N100 and you could be the next millionaire. With a ticket you qualify for the draw

1st prize – N3Million

2nd prize – N2Million

3rd prize – N1Million

1st consolation prize – N500, 000 for 2 persons

2nd consolation prize – N100, 000 for 30 persons

Promo runs from 20th September, 2015 to 20thDecember, 2015.

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