Finally, after some months of several testing ,Instagram has announced today that its most-recent update now supports multiple accounts. Instagram users will now be able to link  up to five different accounts. The Recent version which is 7.15 for both IOS and Andriod, users now link accounts through profile settings. Which makes switching of accounts so easy as clicking the username and choosing the new alias.
The app  which contain new features such as  a visual cues to help users not be confused on which particular account they are on.
Also ,it now supports push notifications for all accounts that has been linked provided such option has been turned on. Now, Users can either log out of selected account or all accounts with a single action.It is really a welcome feature for instagram users since it is a major communication tool.
The latest version is now available for download, so do well to update the app if you haven’t and enjoy the new features .

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