DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA? {Hypothesis to Theory}

“I want to build a machine that acts as a security scanner in any facility, do you have an idea how I can start?”
“I have an awesome idea on how to turn the banking business around for good, do you have an idea of how I can present it?”
In the above questions, the individuals know what they want to do but donot have the resources or methods to state the product of their thoughts. Now we are going to look into the process of gathering information and then using them to help ourselves. The first process is’Observation’. When an event occurs, an individual would notice if the individual is observant. Observation implies that an item/system/event have been watched, or monitored and have been taken record of. From observations, a suggestion can be made. This suggestion/s is called ‘Hypothesis’.
Hypothesis is an injuction, deduction, or unproved theory of a method, effect or how a system/substance is affected. It is simply unproven statements. Hypothesis are important because they are the platform for exploration of substances or systems. But since they are not yet proven, they cannot be a reliable source. Proving a hypothesis involves testing it in an environment, ideal or not. Process of testing is termed ‘Experiment’.
Experiment is not an uncommon term especially in schools and technological institution. In financial, or other institutions it can be an equivalent to ‘Research’. Research is usually associated with gathering of information, though it involves some experiments. But who cares?, since sometimes the names are scary because it usually takes place in a lab. Most actually takes place in our open environment, and that might be creepier to know. Experiments and research might be long, boring, tedious perfomance or short, fun-filled, and surprisingly simple procedures. Example: an individual that wants to build a security machine has to test it to prevent avoidable failures. It has to be tested against many odds, misfits, wrong connections, and possibly hacks too. Please note that the term ‘Experiment’ or ‘Research’ cannot harm you, but ‘Miscalculations’ and ‘Wrong Jugdements’ can.
When an experiment proves hypothesis to be correct, the hypothesis becomes a law or a theory sometimes. Then state the results of your experiments to back it up. But if the experiments proves it wrong, the hypothesis is adjusted or changed to fit into the values of the results, and tested again.
While experimenting, various steps are taken to ensure accuracy and safety of the process and persons involved. Accurate and precise devices and tools are used. Proctective clothings are required for appropriate use. For any research or experiment skill and objective should be highly considered. The whole process should be kept as simple and detailed as possible too. Now, you know where to start.

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