One week+ has gone by since exams begun. Students have been made, students have been broken and some just… found their way through. It has been an exciting week all through, enough drama, the GES helter-skelter for those writing it, there was also basic exams –new recruits, and I for one wrote my first paper, and I must say, I do not like maths department (shots fired).

Another exam week is about to round up and while some students are virtually done, some are only beginning a long ride till November. It’s up to us as students to analyse our last week, analyse our papers, analyse our actions and let them spur us to even something greater. We can choose to complain, sulk, or heavily curse our lecturers and invigilators and whatnot or we could actually put more effort into what’s coming next. Yeah, I know, easier said than done. Heck, I’m tryna convince myself here. LOL. But finally, it’s the healthy thing to do. Find new friends (with benefits (legit benefits though)), form new bonds, create new reading groups, and if you that kind of student flex hard, but let’s all keep our goals in mind.

For those still on their papers, those tired of the exams and those just about to become graduates, wish you the most success. Aluta Continua.

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  • You do not like Maths department?, boy, the feeling is mutual.

    Their stress is too much joor.

    • Lorraine says:

      Censorship aside, I’m slightly amazed that a large retailer like Amazon even wants to sell these books. Noinifct-on about pedophilia as a phenomenon (eg, books on treatment), absolutely. But actual novels? *shudder*. I think while government level censorship has it’s place I’m amazed that individual retailers don’t take a moral stance on – well – anything!Oh and ditto for facebook taking this stuff down ASAP.

  • Atedoghu Tamunoibelemam. Hope says:

    superb, love the perspective of concept i see on uniport campus life.

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