CAMPUS STRESS: is the struggle worth it?

Have you ever missed a test or even an exam? Ever written so well in a course and the result showed the opposite? Ever failed am exam because you refused to sort? Or even gotten frustrated by the materials,textbooks, lab coats and funds you were told to buy or asked to pay for…..and ofcourse the long queue during fresh year registration and the annual struggle when you go pay school fees. If you haven’t experienced this as a student then you haven’t started. All these stressful activities could make a fat guy go slim, and a slim guy go even slimmer. …My question remains…”is it worth it”? To do a 4 years program for 6 years due to strike and so many other factors. ..”is it worth it”? To constantly shuttle from Choba to Abuja campus in between lectures. .. My reply will be Yes, Yes, Yes. The stress is worth the degree.

The campus stress is just a phase of  Life. After the campus life, there are other stressful phases we all have to pass through to be the person we always dreamt about. So to all those who have been affected in one way or the other by campus stress. ..I say cheer up and face it with a positive mindset…. make your own world as interesting as you want it.. face the stress with a geared up mind and aim for that bachelor degree to its bestand at the end of the day, we’ll all smile proudly, with our certificates in hands…. This I say as I leave for my HOD’s office for the 10th time to approve my project topic. .

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