Robbers in Uniport, Attacked….

Today the 7th of August, which happens to be a Friday night, I left school late because I had a meeting. After leaving Delta Park Gate, I heard sound of Gunshots. It was 8pm so it was Dark and no one knew what was happening, guess what happened next… Students, Lecturers, Parents were all running looking for shelter, and if you asked the next person why they were running, this is what he/she would say “Armed robbers are robbing people over there” pointing at the direction of the sound of the gunshots . I had no option but to run too, with my books and heavy accessories (I don’t mean necklace nor expensive add-ons ooh, the “Tech” guys would know what I mean), I ran with my fellow runners or “runees” as my friend Praise would called them till I got to Kilimanjaro Restaurant. I had to take a break to catch my breath. At that point, all I could see was people running for their lives and safety. The funny part was while all this was happening, the Police that were usually stationed at the entrance of Kilimanjaro were nowhere to be found. Oh and I almost forgot, even the SHERIFFs  too ran ooh. Finally can you guess what actually happened?? Apparently, Some Mobile police Escort where just passing by

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