Are you about to live with someone, an unfamiliar person or perhaps your friend? Is it making you nervous? Or probably already have a roommate and you have challenges. Here are some guidelines on

Accommodation in tertiary institution is quite expensive especially when you are not living in the school’s hostel. Be it in the school hostel or off campus you may at some point have to live with a roommate.

Believe it or not, your school year is affected by your roommate to a large extent, and as such should be related with properly to sustain peace and happiness. You don’t have to be best friends to live well, but you need to understand that everybody is different, and how your friends handle his / her roommate may not work for you. Below are essential tips on living with your roommate. 

The Golden Rule is an essential important tool in every human relationship. You shouldn’t to your roommate what you would not want to be done to you. Do not use properties without asking.

Niceness is a trait you should portray to people around you, be friendly without expecting to be best friends. Smile to your roommate and his/her visitors. 

Your likes and dislikes should be stated clearly from the very beginning. Communication would help you know each other better, then understanding sets in and your relationship would be improved.

Whatever issues you may have with your roommate should be quickly addressed and solutions proffered to prevent future occurrences, do not ignore problems assuming they don’t matter rather confront and fix these problems.

Always be cautious of who you bring to the room, you wouldn’t want to be the one who brought in a thief. Respect your roommate, as the saying goes, respect s reciprocal. Do not bring in friends too often if your roommate is not okay with it.


Respect study time.

Be conscious as regards security, it shouldn’t be on your watch that things get missing. You should protect your roommate’s properties as well as your own.

Do not be lazy and leave all the shores to your roommate, share chores.

If your forget all of these, remember at least to show love, “love your neighbor as you love yourself”.


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