You’ll soon be making payments using a selfie, your clothes or your car?



At first this is a stunning development because payments will now be done without the use of cards,fewer  persons will now be found  at ATM centres when these technology finally comes out.With just a selfie shot,clothes or car your will be able to make payments ,now thats cooler than you can imaging.”

Subsequently, the issue of ATM card theft will be reduced too and the business of selling out credit card informations will be reduced to the minimum.But, i hope the  selfie trends will not be abused due to security reason.

Credit card providers are using their time at MWC to propose all manner of weird and wonderful new payment methods for modern shoppers.

MasterCard says it will roll out selfie payments across 15 countries this summer, after a trial in the US and the Netherlands last year, where users will ditch their password and be able to access apps or make online payments simply by snapping a shot of their face.

Meanwhile, in a bid to make sure you can pay for anything, with any device, Visa is partnering with car manufacturers, public transport service and even clothing designers to help them test and roll out secure payments services.

If paying for stuff hadn’t already become too easy with the roll out of contactless cards, it sounds like your stuff might soon be taking the decision out of your hands altogether.

  ” With the innovation coming up soon whats your take”?…toyselfie


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