Apple Releases WatchOs 2

Apple has released wachOS 2 after a bug in the operating system forced Apple delay its launch by nearly a week. The update clocks in at just over 500 MB for both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches, and can be downloaded right now around the globe.
It isn’t clear what issues were preventing Apple from releasing wachOS 2 alongside iOS, aside from Apple describing them as “minor”, but clearly these issues have been addressed in the version which rolled out.
wachOS 2 is a major update for the Apple Watch that brings many important features to the wearable platform. The OS now supports native applications that run on the Watch itself, as opposed to on a paired iPhone, which gives developers the ability to create apps with better performance and tighter integration with the wearable’s hardware.
The update also brings improvements to Siri, Maps, and Digital Touch, while custom watch faces are now supported. Apple has also introduced a new feature called Time Travel that allows you to scroll through events both backwards and forwards in time by
twisting the digital crown.
Early reports have indicated that wachOS 2 makes the Apple Watch faster in some circumstances, especially loading apps, although the performance improvements haven’t reached every corner of the OS. Some of the new features are handy, but the experience is largely the same as it was on the original version of the software.

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