Med. Desk: Water

“Mini, “Miri”, “Omi”, “Ruwa”, “Eau”, “Agua” whatsoever the language may be, they all mean the same thing i.e. “Water”. This is the most important liquid substance an individual must consume throughout their lifetime. Tasteless, colorless and odorless as it may be, it constitutes 50%-60% of an individual. Seeing that it constitutes more than half of an individual, drinking sufficient amounts of water everyday is important for optimum bodily performance. The amount of water to be consumed per day should be nothing less than 3 liters. Taking inadequate amounts would result to problems to the body. Here are some benefits of drinking water.



1. It keeps your skin from wrinkling
2. Drinking enough helps to metabolize (break down) fat.
3. Helps to prevent constipation.
4. Sufficient amounts help to think clearly.
5. Lubricates joints (making movement less painful)
6. Helps regulate body temperature
7. Drinking enough will help the kidney reduce metabolic wastes.
8. It helps in weight loss
9. Prevents dehydration
10. Lubricates the throat for better singing

A wise man once said there’s a time for everything. Generally, the best time to eat food is during the morning, afternoon and evening; best time to sleep is during the night and there’s also the particular time when the an individual can achieve the utmost utility of drinking water. Such times are:

1. When you wake up
2. 30 minutes before you eat a meal
3. Before taking a bath
4. Before going to bed

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