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As plans have been made to connect the rural and low-income region, Facebook Inc. has started  developing a  new form of data network which makes use of millimeter waves bands, reports The verge.
This new technology is  like  what Starry purports  to use in delivering internet connections , making it needless to construct panoptic infrastructures.
An  employee of Facebook Inc. Sanjai Kohli  made two letter patents that delineate  a “Next generation data network”. Facebook Inc. affirmed that it was exploring a millimeter wave internet service :
This work is part of the connectivity Lab which supports the mission of internet.org- to connect the four billion people who don’t have internet access.
It’ll really be concerning to know the extent Facebook Inc. takes this  Technology ,especially since it struggle with Starry’s thoughts for spreading out internet connectivity.
Facebook Inc. has also been bringing up other means to connect the rural populations. Including using an existing satellite to render internet connectivity in Africa  later this year, as well as  jumbo drones for remote areas.
Facebook is developing millimeter-wave networks for Internet.org [The Verge]

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