I stumbled on this Piece of Article this morning that point to a site that makes you declare your asset as a student, and also gives you an Advise. this was my advise For a higher net worth. Buy some mud houses hehehehe. Seriously life may be tough now but you are tougher. Keep on working smart and hard and your real net worth will grow!
give it a try.. here is a pieace from the Site Owner

Here’s to the true Nigerian MVPs. The dude that lives in the ghetto but uses the latest phone, the babe that hustles to get the respect she deserves, for the guy writing jamb for the seventh time to at least get admission to study Zoology. They are the ones who work from 9am to 11pm to keep a bank job, the ones who queue for hours in the sun to vote for someone they do not know from Adam. They are the civil servants, the grasses who have to suffer because the elephants in power have a ‘beef’.

They are not important because they have the fattest bank accounts; they are not the most powerful because they control the arsenal, they RULE because despite life’s hardest lashes, they still manage to let out a smile.

Some call them hustlers, others call them masses; we call them heroes because they’re the fuel that keep the fire burning. They are the true Nigerian MOST VALUABLE PERSONS.
Have a good laugh people, you’re PRICELESS.

This website was made just for laughs, we are not responsible for what you choose to do with it.

Its Time for you too to follow up this Funny Dude of Mine and Declare your Asset..


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