I was scrolling my Facebook Feed this morning when i noticed a captivating Letter Which was an open letter to our Current President by a once student of our great school, as i always do i decided to share it,

Dear Buhari,
Rating your 100 days in office seems to be an herculean task for me cuz your asset declaration is absolutely none of my business. The still to come ministerial appointments are the least of my problems. Lunch for all primary school pupils promised by your VP, Mbok let’s just forgerrit. Your probe of ex-government officials for me is to a large extent one-sided and as such can best be described as tales by moonlight.
But you see that promise of NYSC allowee increment, mbok, biko do your best to implement it even if it will be your only achievement cuz that money odikwa very necessary for me. A big squeezy hug awaits you as i anticipate a prompt response to my humble plea.
Yours Prospective,
Edikan Tituzz

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