A man who disputed the technology giant coy Apple Inc. in a lawcourt over a broken screen on his newly acquired smartwatch has won .

The man named Gareth Cross, from Aberystwyth, Ceredigion,discovered that the screen of his Apple watch has been broken ten(10) days after he had bought the 339 device last year. Apple Inc. reacted to charge by saying the problem was not encompassed by warranty.

Mr. Gareth Cross the took his case to the Lawcourt for violating of sales of Goods Act.

Apple must pay Mr Cross a total sum of 429 which is the cost of the watch and court fees -by 22 Febuary.

“Ease” at verdict

The legal action which lasted six months, and Mr. Cross -who identifies him self as a “Mac fanatic and all-round geek” on Twitter – told the BBC that “I couldn’t understand why they would want to go to court over the issue, but ultimately I wanted to stand by my consumers right(s).”

“The case did start to become a little stressful, especially toward the end with the prospect of having to attend court to defend my claim against what was the most valuable company in the world.”

Mr. Cross added that he had been “Relieved” when the judge ruled Apple Inc. had breached the contract of sale by refusing to fix the watch.

“I plan to buy another Apple Watch, as for the ten(10) days I had it. I really liked it.” said Mr. Cross.

“But I may wait until the next model is out.”

Apple Inc. has been reached for a remark.

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