Uniport Students lifestyle & Survival rate

We would  all agree that the way an average student eats depends on the period of the semester.
For the first few weeks of resumption, students will usually patronize eateries and restaurants( Like Kilimanjaro or Sammies), with very high shoulders buying all the available edibles…😁😁😁😁
But towards the middle of the semester, they start to visit canteens and “bukas” basically to take swallows(Eba, fufu, amala and co.. like Emmatex and Melly Chicken & Mai Shayi)😔😔😔
But at the end of semester, before the holidays, the only sure solace becomes to soak garri, and then it doesn’t need to even have sugar, as long as it is sour enough and is very dry, watch the Video Below-.



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Credit: Krakstv

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  • Jethro says:

    LOL, this is so true

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  • Kayden says:

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