Student of the Week: Anthony Olisa

We Decided to get a student to be the student of the week each week to help students know who to look up to in terms of role models and opportunities, this week i decided to start with someone i have worked with lots of times and is filled with lots of  inspiration a soft warri boy and also a man you can always rely upon, he is currently the AIESEC Port Harcourt, Local Committee President;

Full Name:  Anthony  Olisa Nnaemeka Jr.

Nickname : Soft Warri Boy

Hobby:   Technology, Swimming, Traveling , Digital marketing , Changing the world and Meeting new people.

Achievements:   Anthony Nnaemeka OLISA Jr holds a B.TECH(Hons) Geology & Mining and is currently doing his 2nd degree in the department of Civil Engineering in University of Port Harcourt Choba in Nigeria .In the past few years, I have worked for some major Multinational companies and engaged with people in different environment, either in terms of stakeholder relationship or addressing a gathering , promoting brands and events also managing events.


My brief successful work experiences at AIESEC gave me the multiple opportunities for this. My success with customers and individuals is also due to my good communication skills and my amiable character. Also working with Tech Giants like Blackberry , Microsoft, Nokia , Google exposed my horizon in the tech world.

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What I like about Uniport:  Creative environment, Tasking , wonderful  lecturers.

What I dislike about Uniport:  poor academic calendar, Cultism, poor technology use of the students

Department:  Civil Engineering

Level:  500

Twitter: @tonijnr

Instagram:    tonijnr1



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