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We all use dozens of apps everyday but have you considered building an app before?!
Do you have that idea that will change the world?!
So GO ON! Now Google is offering you the chance to become certified Android developer by learning Android App development by Joining the Android Student Club at the  University of Port Harourt.


You will enroll on Android App Fundamentals online course on for free (you will get free access with no fees) and start learning and we will provide a certified facilitator from Google to help you through the course!
The Android Student Club will hold meetings to help through the lessons and your final project.

This is not everything! We will also hold two sessions to introduce you to JAVA Object-Oriented Programming and Android basics to help you to start the course.

All Applicants must have a good knowledge of basic programming concepts like functions, variables, conditions and loops.

Any background about Object Oriented Programming would greatly help you throughout the course, If you do not have any knowledge about
object oriented programming you will need extra work through the course to finish it.

Course Contents :
Lesson 1: Create Project Sunshine with a Simple UI
Lesson 2: Connect Sunshine to the Cloud
Lesson 3: Create New Activities and Navigate Apps with Intents
Lesson 4: Use Content Providers and Loaders to Persist and Recover Data
Lesson 5: Implement Rich and Responsive Layouts
Lesson 6: Use Services and Notifications to Run in the Background

Application Form:

Note: Seats are limited, the application form will close when the targeted number of applicants is reached .. Hurry up!


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