1st Day in School: Resumption of Classes

I woke up as Early as 6am, and i started my preparation to go to School as Usual since  School has officially resumed, i took a bus to School cause i had a scheduled class for 11am , which went smoothly and had one by 2 which did not hold.

Classes have started in honest because we wrote attendance in the class and almost wrote a test, i guess the Lecturer wanted to take preventive measure so that we attend her next class, so if you are home find your way to school cause Lectures have started….

Welcome to the New Semester

Photos of Students in School Below:

IMG_20150803_145642 IMG_20150803_150421 IMG_20150803_150413 IMG_20150803_150407 IMG_20150803_150404 IMG_20150803_145624 IMG_20150803_145455 IMG_20150803_150436

Photo credits: Kelvin Ugbuaja Though he used my phone****Winks

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